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Aloha!  Om is our Home!

Welcome to my cyberspacialwebsite! 

I am IAM!!!  I am also busily being a human doing singer/songwriter/guitarist/percussionist/kirtan leader/gardener/father/husband/seeker blessed to be sharing the gift of sounding in the Silence :)  

My primary focus as a human is simply BEING. 

Shining in the darkness, we are rays of Grace, beams of sun, sparks of light that glow like stars in the dark night

I am That which i seek!  and so are you, and everyone you see around you, even the schizophrenic person in the street.  all of the hungry beggars, all of the spiffy men in business suits ...Is it true for you ?  

That means stopping the thinking for a moment. just stop! be quiet. be still. and then see what remains when the mind is still!!!

Or it can mean feeling the beingness, the aliveness,  the energy that animates our bodies...that is our Beingness being felt...  

So many paths to the One!!!  

And i stumble...and fall..get back up again...struggling, grasping, longing for what is not real...and then in the strong poison of my mental and physical pain and suffering...i somehow give up...surrender to what is...

...and find that i have been Home in Om all along!  Blessed Be! All Thanks and Love and Praises!!!


Much thanks to the amazing trust and support of my beloved family and friends, I have somehow managed to record and produce three CD's

(whoa!  and now we are ready for some more help on the ones to come!) ...seems like they don't ever get done until My Beloved nudges me out of the nest and says "Go now and do it!  "

Meanwhile, the sounds are often percolating in the stillness and in the silence, and when invited and prodded here it comes rushing forth in the any-est of places!

... and usually in a flowery explosion of color and tone and timbre and rhythm and so it flows...

it flows, then it is gone...and we attend to the spaces in between the thoughts we are thinking...

when we are free, really free, and unencumbered by thoughts, then the juices can flow, really strong and loud and freely...

there is magic

there is healing

it is happening all around us 

and within us

all waysalways.

it is true that All is One. 

Skyclad - 

  Rio Chirripo, Costa Rica, San Gerardo de Rivas, Canaan... i rented a small, old, wooden plank house in the hills for  $45 for the month.  I give humble thanks to Ulysses, who let me stay there...every morning i would hike up from our place on the river and marvel at the abounding nature and the splendid views from 9000 ft.  magnificent living.  an icy but welcoming bouldery river ...a slow pace ...time for Being

i tried to make a studio by leaning mattresses against the walls and soon realized that the sharp, strong songs of the colorful upland songbirds pierced right through the walls and windows...and mattresses!!!  what a joke!  uh-oh!... and so they were soon welcomed as a part of the ambience. 

and blessed be! what a gift of being the song in nature...

that's my job...just being...and being music...and being in the motion...the moving ...

and so Skyclad was born;  we ( my family) were literally and figuratively clad in sky!!!

at the river, we melted and blended into the forest and fully bathed in the sounds and silence there...clothed in the sun's rays from our heads to our toes...smooth boulders our resting beds...and diving in to the chilliest of waters, glacial-fed ...invigorated!  skin all icy fire!!!  awake again!!  alive!!!

strip away the garments and lie naked on the earth by the river and ocean and let your mind be still...and rest in the grace of being...the eternal, infinite Being.


Skyclad is basically a quirkishly delicious sampling of song-a-fied soundings in the Silence of Being. 


Blessed BE!!!!


all original songs, inspired and birthed from Life's struggles and Life's Beauty.  and the Beauty beyond all of our thinking.  Life is good.     even when it feels or appears "bad".

if we can see the Beauty divine in all every moment, we get to drink the elixir of No Thing!   Nothing is Everything ...and beyond comprehension...we cannot find it with our minds!!!  Ay, there's the Rub!!!!

::::Mind must shut up so we can experience our radiant being..

easy yet hard

we finally get so tired that we give up all trying...some of us...and therein we stumble into nothingness...the void...empty mind...simply Being




Bhajanananda -Sanskrit and Hindi Bhajans (chants) and Chant Your Heart Open -Songs and Chants from around the world.


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