Delve into the magic and beauty of Freeing your Healing Voice! Jivan creates a compassionate, supportive space while facilitating your journey to deeper awareness and freedom through sound and song, while allowing your natural voice to be discovered and expressed. 

  • We set the Intention to heal, creating inner peace and generating feelings of gratitude as we witness the flow of sound.
  • Singing with loving intention is deeply healing.
  • Give yourself an inner massage, vibrating all of your cells back into harmony.
  • Balance your energy field inside and out, and attune to the energy of Love . 
  • Sessions can be tailored to your needs, and you are welcome to request to work on a specific song.


  • Bija mantra practice of activating energy centers for healing 
  • Feeling and becoming one with the sound within the body (Brahmari sound)  
  • Loving the world through sound, finding the beauty in every sound
  • Finding your dynamic, natural, full voice (cathedral chamber)
  • Understanding the physiology of singing
  • Creating your unique healing sound
  • Breath work
  • Sonic meditations
  • Chants/prayers/spirit songs
  • Improvisational explorations
  • Power singing from the diaphragm
  • Exploring dynamics
  • Improving pitch and increasing your vocal range
  • Playing with rhythm
  • Singing with passion, singing the songs of your heart and soul!



  • By contributing at the higher support levels, you make it possible for me to offer sessions to those able to contribute less. Thank you for paying it forward!